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Top 5 tips for transforming your Bedroom

Looking for help in transforming your bedroom. Here at Tigress we've brought together our top 5 tips for creating your perfect sanctuary.

Your bedroom is probably the most important room in your home— after all, it's where you spend the most time— so you deserve a relaxing refuge that complements your own personal style. Every bedroom is different, but most will centre on five key elements: the bed, seating area, bedside tables or lockers, lamps, and curtains. Here we take you through how to choose each one.

1.      Bed

Your bed is not just a place to put a mattress, it's a piece of furniture, so ensure the shape and proportions complement the design of your room. Choose the biggest you can afford for maximum comfort. Consider the headboard, which you can use to create a style statement in wood or metal or upholstered in a luxury fabric. That said, the mattress is extremely important for the support of your back, neck, and shoulders, so choose one that delivers just the right level of flexibility and support.

2.      Seating Area

Seating in the bedroom should be designed with tranquil relaxation in mind. Whether you have lots of space or just a tiny corner, choose seating that suits your design scheme and personality. Sofas, chaise longues and armchairs are great if you have the room, but ottomans, stools, and even large cushions can work in confined spaces. 

3.      Bedside Tables

A carefully chosen bedside table or locker can really define and unite the design scheme of your bedroom. It need not match the bed and other furniture exactly, but ensure it incorporates unifying elements in the material, colours, finish or detailing.

4.      Lamp

A lamp is not just an accessory in your bedroom; think carefully about the kind of lighting it provides too. When you are sitting in bed, the light should illuminate any reading material, without hitting your eye directly. Lamps can be the perfect accessory to add fun and playfulness to a room, or to create symmetry and balance by picking up on a design theme.

5.      Curtains

Choosing bedroom curtains involves deciding on the colour and fabric to suit your theme, the appropriate length, and the curtain accessories (rods, finials etc.). For a clean, modern look, let curtains fall flush with the floor, but a more dramatic look can be created by adding a couple of inches to let them gather slightly on the floor. Neutral colours are easy to coordinate, but don't shy away from a pop of colour. Change curtains between seasons, using lighter fabrics such as linen or silk for summer and more indulgent velvets and tapestry fabric in winter.