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Tigress Luxury Interiors is an Irish home interiors company and luxury online furniture store offering high-end home furnishing brands of outstanding quality.

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How to Start Decorating Your Home

Tips and expert advice before beginning a redecorating project.


How to Start Decorating Your Home

Whether you are starting out or starting over, decorating your home can be a daunting task. It is a new beginning and an opportunity to create a space that suits your needs and today’s trends. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to begin, therefore we’ve come up with a simple process to help you succeed.


What do I like?

Start by researching what style you like. A great way to do this is using images from sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz. Their full of great ideas and allow you to visualise your space while following the trends of top interior designers. PIN and save the images you like in order to refer back to them throughout the process. Once you have an idea of the colour scheme and style you like its time to begin planning.

What’s my Budget?

Before going a step further you’ll need to decide on your budget. A good rule of thumb is to invest most in the rooms where you spend the bulk of your time. Create a realistic budget that allows for decorating, furniture, lighting and accessories. There’s nothing worse than getting half way through a project and finding out that you’ve run out of funds. Half-finished rooms look terrible and will put you off the whole experience. Once set make sure to create a contingency for the unforeseen expenses or that very item you discover later and just can’t live without.

Create a floor plan and measure

Okay, so you now know your style and you have your budget, next you'll need to create a floor plan. This will help you decide on the layout of your furniture and allows you to try a few different arrangements before making any big purchases. You can sketch you floor plan yourself or alternatively there are lots of free online floor planner apps that will help you and even create a 3D view of your room.

Choose your colour palette

If still unsure of your colour palette this is a great time to refer back to your saved pictures from Instagram or Pinterest. It really is your personal choice, some people will start with their floors and walls, others will choose a statement piece and coordinate everything else around it. Take time in order to discover the amazing ranges of wall coverings or wall finishes. Some of the textures and patterns are remarkable and can add a real luxury feel to any room. Your curtains will be a big consideration and don't forget you can add more texture and splashes of colour with the clever use of cushions and throws.

Order your furniture and lighting early

When buying furniture remember to consider the lead times which can be anything between two to six weeks. Don’t worry if you can’t accept delivery right away, many retailers including Tigress will hold your items until your ready to receive them. Pre-order and arrange for delivery on a date that suits you.

Out with the old in with the new

You need a blank canvas to begin any redecorating job and this is the perfect time to declutter and move out that old furniture. Use online auction sites to sell items no longer required allowing the proceeds to go towards your budget. Once everything is clear you can fix any plaster cracks and repaint. We highly recommend hiring a professional painter and decorator for this job. They have the tools, experience and most importantly the time and patience. You’re supposed to be enjoying this experience so save yourself the heartache.

Finally the fun part

The hard work is done, you can now begin the exciting part of receiving your furniture and watching your idea come to life. Once again refer back to your floor plan and saved pictures for inspiration. Position your furniture as per your floor plan using accessories like throws, cushions, lamps, pictures and art to complete your vision. Some retailers including Tigress offer a white glove service where your furniture will be delivered, unpacked and positioned in the room of your choice. All packaging disposal is also taken care of.

Now why not inspire someone else and post a picture to Instagram or Facebook and enjoy your newly designed space.

If you would like any help or advice choosing or sourcing any products please feel free to call us. We love hearing about your ideas and helping them come to life.