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Tigress Luxury Interiors is an Irish home interiors company and luxury online furniture store offering high-end home furnishing brands of outstanding quality.

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Modern Wallpaper

Breathe new life into any room. Wallpaper is back!

Wallpaper is back with a vengeance! It's the most impactful way to make a statement in a room. We all remember those horrific ceiling borders from the '80s, but wallpapers have really evolved in the last few years. You can get modern prints, vintage prints, metallic prints, graphic prints, and in every colour imaginable. You can even get hand painted silk wallpapers if you're so inclined.

One of the best things about wallpapers is that they can introduce a bold colour but temper it with other mild colours. With wall paint you're usually forced into just one wall colour, with wallpaper you can find unique colour patterns that add depth and boldness without being overwhelming. For example, if you want to introduce a bold blue through the walls it might look childish in paint, but with wallpaper it can look sophisticated and chic.

When you add pattern to a wall, be prepared to layer patterns throughout the room. The patterns don't have to match, but they have to work together.

Use dado rails and other architectural elements to break up pattern. Depending on the room, you may not want to cover every wall from floor to ceiling with a pattern. By stopping at dado rail you can provide some visual relief from a busy pattern.

If your budget is tight, use wallpaper on an accent wall. Match either the background or an accent colour for the remaining walls in the room. And since the wallpaper is on the "accent wall," let that wall be the standout with the most colour.

If you can, hire a pro to hang it. The pro always does a much better job, the sheets line up perfectly, the patterns match perfectly, and they get it done so fast. Don't let anyone tell you that it is easy or fun…