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Tips for choosing a Chandelier

Chandeliers can create a remarkable designer statement in a room or entrance. To help you choose your perfect Chandelier the Tigress team have brought together our top tips to assist you.

Chandelier Spiral Light Grey Glass Leaves

Chandeliers can create a remarkable designer statement in a room, but if they are not chosen well, they can end up being hideous eyesores that don't even provide good lighting. When choosingyour chandelier, you have to consider the entire decorative scheme of the room. The chandelier will be the focal point, so ensure it complements the other features and is of a size and scale that does not look out of place. If you choose appropriately, your chandelier can become a great conversation piece and an integral part of your home that adds an undeniable touch of luxury.


Chandeliers are not just about the classic cascades of cut glass and crystal prisms that adorned every fairytale ballroom. Nowadays chandelier frames can be made from everything from metal, glass and ceramics to even wood and plastic. Most modern frames are made from some form of metal finished in gold or chrome, with more contemporary styles available in bright shades such as red and green. Crystal chandeliers add that undeniable touch of opulence and come in a variety of crystals, including Swarovski, Turkis, Czech, and Italian.Drum chandeliers are more modest in style, offering warm, focused light in small spaces. Drum chandeliers feature shades (usually in fabric such as silk) which are convenient for replacing and installing. 


Always measure your room before you choose a chandelier, as proportions are vital to the success of the piece. One simple way to decide on the most appropriate size of chandelier is to add the dimensions of your room. For example, a chandelier that is 18-inches wide would be most suitable for an 8-foot by 10-foot room. Other considerations include the scale of your ceilings, as a big chandelier won't look well in a room with low ceilings. Ensure there is at least 6.5 feet between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor. If the light fixture will hang above a table, there should be 30 inches of clearance from the bottom of the chandelier to the tabletop.

Bathroom chandelier


Chandeliers are no longer limited to hallway entrances or dining areas, they are now something to consider for bringing that sparkle into your boudoir. Your bedroom and ensuite are personal spaces and as such more and more designers are choosing to make these spaces of luxury.


Its important to choose the correct style of chandelier for your home. As a guide follow the style and colour scheme of your room and what materials are already being used. A traditional chandelier will just look out of place in a modern setting. Finally decide what statement your trying to make. While it’s a good thing when we find something that completely matches our decor, sometimes the perfect piece is one that boldly pushes the boundaries. 


For more help in choosing the chandelier to suit your style and setting give us a call or take advantage of our personal shopping service.